The Evils Of Facebook
Tuesday 20th November 2018,


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The Evils Of Facebook

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Be very careful what you are putting on your facebook.

Wall Street Journal is reporting that all of the top ten applications on Facebook are ignoring privacy policy put in place by facebook. To the credit of facebook,  the problems are not entirely their fault this time, but this is  another prime example of how their miss guided approach to user data protection continually puts their users to risk.

There are over 550,000 Applications  that  rely on Facebook to send the user’s profile information and sometimes supply them with additional data. Facebook’s terms state that these applications are not to share private information outside of the application’s requirement, but this rule is not enforced and it appears that resource providers mostly ignore it.

Specifically, the Journal’s research shows that Facebook users’ numeric profile IDs, which applications need to identify a user, were being shared with third party advertising companies. Some of these companies like RapLeaf, were sharing them with even more advertising partners to build records on users friends and internet surfing habits.

The electronic information stored by Facebook is a tempting  gold mine for web marketing organizations. For Facebook to expect companies to self-police is very irresponsible. The publisher of Farmville, Zynga, which is the top app used on Facebook, admitted to breaking the rules. Facebook insists that it investigates a few of the applications when submitted to them so they can weed out scams, fraud and policy abusers. Obviously they didn’t check the top most popular applications of their user community. The clear lack of attention to Farmville alone potentially released the details of millions of users.

Facebook claims that they will look into this situation and take actions to fix the problem. This under taking will not be easy, and it will not solve the overall problem. Facebook has made a big push in the last year to be a provider of federated identity. Typically, people access a lot of services over the web. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to Maintain separate, secure logins and passwords for all of these internet resources, but you can now use your Facebook credentials to authenticate into a large number of these services, heightening Facebook’s goal of becoming a central source of identity. Unfortunately, most Facebook users do not comprehend how simple it is for all this information to be bundled together and to make its way into the hands of spammers and others who can make a lot of money from their web profiles.

Apart from the inherent problems with using a global identity, what’s the solution? We do not often compliment Apple, but in this case I think Facebook should take a few examples from Apple. Facebook should review submitted applications for compliance with their rules, and periodically check existing resources to ensure that they are not exploiting users .

Below we have provided a few resources that may help you avoid releasing sensitive information related to your web habits.

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