Remove Politia Romana Virus Ransomware Threat Message
Friday 22nd June 2018,


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Remove Politia Romana Virus Ransomware Threat Message

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Politia Romana Virus is another misleading and outlandish ransomware threat notification. Usually the Politia Romana Virus will mimic what is expected to be displayed from a Romanian police department’s webpage. The Politia Romana Virus message will make a claim of detecting illegal actions of spreading or download copyright material over the internet such as videos, music and even porn. The Politia Romana Virus message will ask that a fine be paid for supposedly performing these actions in the amount of 100 Euros. Payment of the fine can actually be made by PC users through an automated Ukash or paysafecard system. Paying the fine through those payment processors is a way of the hackers who created Politia Romana Virus to earn a quick pay day at the expense of gullible or bamboozled PC users.

Another aspect about Politia Romana Virus ransomware message threat is the fact that it is able to determine the IP address of an infected system. This allows the Trojan horse or malware parasite that spreads Politia Romana Virus to display a corresponding notification aligned with a local police agency. This is to make PC users believe that the Politia Romana Virus message is legitimate, but has we have found it is not. Computer users will also take notice to how their PC may be locked up or does not operate as normal when infected with Politia Romana Virus. To remedy this issue, it is suggested that an updated antimalware/antispyware download application be obtained to safely detect and remove Politia Romana Virus Ransomware Threat.

The Politia Romana Virus Ransomware Threat message reads similar to the following:

Toate operatiunile efectuate prin intermediul computerului dat se înscriu.
În caz dacă folositi camera-web toate fotografiile si video se salvează pentru identificare.
Calculatorul dvs. Este blocat!

The Politia Romana Virus Ransomware Threat message reads similar to the following in English:

All operations performed by the computer since fall.
In case if you use the camera-web all the photos and videos are saved for identification.
Your computer is blocked!

In an effort to alleviate the problems that come with Politia Romana Virus, you should take action now to remove Politia Romana Virus. The process of removing Politia Romana Virus can be tricky, which is why you may use a malware solution to easily remove it from your system. New antimalware software is one key to removing Politia Romana Virus in addition to manual removal, which may be performed by more experienced PC users.

How you can easily remove Politia Romana Virus from your computer

Automatically Detect and Remove Politia Romana Virus:

Download SpyHunter
Remove Politia Romana Virus

Download SpyHunter AntiMalware


If your internet browser is being blocked and you are unable to download SpyHunter, please follow these instructions:

1. Hold the WinKey (Windows Key on your keyboard) and press the R key at the same time.

Windows Key

WinKey (Windows Key)

2. Type in (or copy and paste) and press Enter.

3. The SpyHunter download will begin.

4. You must find the downloaded file SpyHunter-Installer.exe and open/run it (double-click) to start the installation of SpyHunter.

Note: Politia Romana Virus may block installation of antimalware or antivirus software. You may need to boot your PC into Safe Mode with Networking to install an antimalware program.

Steps to boot into Safe Mode with Networking:

  1. Bookmark or Favorite this Post/Web Page.
  2. Restart your PC
  3. Press the F8 key (before Windows starts to load – during the boot sequence text screens) a few times until it registers.
  4. Select “Safe Mode with Networking” and press Enter.
  5. Allow the system to boot into Safe Mode with Networking and then return to this page to download an antimalware application.

DIY Politia Romana Virus removal resources

*If you are an experienced computer user, you may locate and delete the Politia Romana Virus files and registry entries below. The manual removal process for Politia Romana Virus is best performed while in Safe Mode.

Politia Romana Virus Files

  • %AppData%\[random] Politia Romana Virus
  • %Desktop%\[random] Politia Romana Virus
  • %Programs%\[random] Politia Romana Virus
  • %StartMenu%\[random] Politia Romana Virus
  • {random symbols}.exe
  • {random}.exe

Politia Romana Virus Registry Entries

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\… [random]


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