Is It Really A Deal? – Avoiding the traps of Black Friday
Friday 20th April 2018,


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Is It Really A Deal? – Avoiding the traps of Black Friday

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Attention shoppers! We are well on our way to the countdown to Black Friday.  With only three (3) days away, retailers look forward to their general ledgers taking a turn from being in the red, to being in the black. Profit! Profit! Profit! Following the stuffing of Turkey Day, shoppers began their lengthy expedition of a weeklong shopping experience trying to find the best deals in town. What is traditionally known as Black Friday has retailers going for the bigger bang for the buck and increase this shopping day to a shopping week.

Are we really getting a deal?  Several deals on Black Friday are often high profit merchandise models from the prior year that the retailer is trying to sell. This method of selling will make the store profitable before the end of the fiscal year.

Avoiding the traps of Black Friday:

Price Match Trap

With competition between the major retail giants, many stores are offering price matching. Although the stores have offered to price match your purchased item, please read the fine print as there are many exclusions while price matching. Target, among many other retailers, will not extend the price match between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These prices include matching those that are online including but not limited to Amazon. However, the price matching will not apply to Amazon Daily Deals, Gold Box Deals,  Lightning Deals etc……. .

The Apple Trap

Although Apple is not well known for its Black Friday deals, according to DealNews, you do not have to shop at the Apple store in order to receive an Apple deal.  Many Apple products are available on line and in other retail stores such as MacMall and have the same prices as the Apple store.  On Black Friday, Apple products will be available on line with free shipping.

Doorbuster Trap

Most stores entice consumers with unbelievable savings on certain merchandise and products. What retailers fail to expose is that these doorbuster sales are limited in quantity, are only for a specific timeframe on Black Friday or, you must have a “winning ticket”. Before you stand in line at 4:00 AM, beware of the advertised special.

For instance, many stores circulate Black Friday deals on major appliances and electronics. The merchandise may be sold at regular price for $1,000.00. But on Black Friday that item may retail for $200.00; an 80% savings.  Most of the stores will start giving tickets to shoppers a few hours before midnight which is still technically Thanksgiving Day. Although the item is a DOORBUSTER, the stores are limited in quantity to 10-15 items per store.

These doorbuster steals are often ploys to get the consumer in the stores.  If they are not able to purchase that doorbuster item, the consumer will more than likely still spend money on another sale.

Cyber Monday trap

Must there be a special name for everyday surrounding the Thanksgiving Holidays? Many online stores want to make sure that shoppers are aware of this “special day” designated for on-line shoppers only. Although an attractive name, why should the consumer wait until after Black Friday to shop on-line?  Word to the wise, many sale and limited items are available for purchase on line effective on Black Friday.  You are not obligated to wait until Monday as these items can be purchased for the advertised sale price on Black Friday.  However, beware of shopping on line as several of the sales will either expire or, the merchandise will sell out before 10:00 AM that Friday. Ready! Set! Shop!

Return It Anytime Trap

Because so many stores depend on Black Friday to financially carry them through the year, beware of the Holiday return policies.  Several stores exercise their rights to change return polices during holidays and shorten the return policy window. Make sure to obtain a receipt of your purchase and pay close attention to store ads as the return policy is often written in the small ink you can barely read. You can also check with the store personnel and review the return policy before purchasing.  Often stores will start the return policy on December 26th.

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