Is the NSA-FBI PRISM program being used to invade your privacy?
Friday 22nd June 2018,


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Is the NSA-FBI PRISM program being used to invade your privacy?

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Lately with news breaking about privacy and surveillance, more and more people are now wondering, what is the PRISIM program? The PRISM program is a surveillance program electronically operated by the NSA (National Security Agency) used to collect data.

The intent of the program is to search for patterns that would lead to possible terrorist activity. With the surface of this program does it have people doubting their personal privacy?

Lists of company names and possible forms of obtaining information have surfaced on the internet ranging from e-mails via yahoo, images and video from sources such as YouTube and the chance of information coming from Facebook. How much of this is true or is it based on information that has been passed on to us.

The company in question may agree with the accusations or deny having any knowledge of information being obtained through their companies. The real question may be.. Have you searched your name lately? What comes up when you search for yourself and how much of your information is truly private?

With this information in front of us now, we should remember to take as many precautions that we are able to take. Is our information listed to be public or do we have the option to make it viewable to only the people we want to see our information?

Are we up to date on the latest updates on the systems, programs and applications knowing what will be shared and if this can be posted?

The internet is full of information and our personal information, videos and pictures are mixed in with all that is located in the World Wide Web. What will your next steps be to protect yourself?

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