How to fix OpenAL32.dll Error (Automatically Stop OpenAL32.dll Errors)
Friday 20th April 2018,

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How to fix OpenAL32.dll Error (Automatically Stop OpenAL32.dll Errors)

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OpenAL32.dll is a system file used by popular Windows PC games to load audio processes and settings. C OpenAL32.dll mostly comes from Creative Technologies (the makers of Sound Blaster apps) and found as a process for many audio applications from the company. OpenAL32.dll is responsible for handling many audio functions and feature sets for games and some other programs. Common errors associated with OpenAL32.dll may limit or eliminate audio for some games or programs.

Errors associated with OpenAL32.dll may be due to the OpenAL32.dll file missing or the OpenAL32.dll file has encountered a problem from being corrupt.

Examples of some known OpenAL32.dll error messages read like the following:

“The program can’t be started because OpenAL32.dll is missing from your computer…”

“OpenAL32.dll cannot be found”

“OpenAL32.dll has encountered a problem…”

“OpenAL32.dll files were in use – a reboot will be required to complete installation.”

The OpenAL32.dll error may be fixed by reinstalling a gaming application or program that uses Creative technologies for powering its audio.

In other cases the OpenAL32.dll error may be fixed automatically using a registry repair program.

Receiving the OpenAL32.dll error could cause additional issues on your computer. Troubleshooting such an error may require finding effective ways to search the Windows registry and other areas of Windows to first identify the root cause.

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Possible causes for the OpenAL32.dll error or issue on your computer:

  • The OpenAL32.dll file or a related file was mistakenly moved or deleted.
  • Malware or Virus infections may be present.
  • Outdated software or driver issue.
  • Missing or corrupted file or related Windows registry entry(s).


The following issues may occur if the OpenAL32.dll error is not fixed.

  • The computer will always display the annoying error message.
  • The computer may run slow and could limit usage of other functions and running of certain applications.
  • Windows will not be able to open associated programs.
  • Other errors may be triggered causing further issues.

Ways to fix the OpenAL32.dll error on your PC

1) Manually – Install or re-install the OpenAL32.dll file or a newer version of OpenAL32.dll.

Many times installing a replacement file will not solve the OpenAL32.dll error. In most cases the Windows registry must be modified to register a new OpenAL32.dll file to prevent the OpenAL32.dll error from reappearing.

  1. Find a new version of OpenAL32.dll to download.
  2. Install the file to its default location on the computer. (you may be required to overwrite an older version of the file no registered in the Windows registry)
  3. Register the new OpenAL32.dll file by going to Start menu > Run > and then typing in cmd and regsvr_OpenAL32.dll and then press enter.
  4. Restart the computer and see if the OpenAL32.dll error reappears or not.

2) Reinstall the program related to OpenAL32.dll.

Many times reinstalling the application that loads and registers the OpenAL32.dll file will resolve error messages. Simply find the application related to OpenAL32.dll and download a new copy or reinstall it from the Windows control panel Add/Remove Programs option. Restart your computer after the install has completed to see if the OpenAL32.dll error comes back or not. (location of OpenAL32.dll – C:\WINDOWS\system32)

3) Fix OpenAL32.dll error with an advanced Registry Cleaner and Repair Tool

As another option, the OpenAL32.dll error may be resolved by downloading and installing a PC/registry repair tool. Downloading, installing and running a new registry repair tool will ensure the complete Windows registry is scanned and all errors are detected while a fix is automatically applied. Most common Windows errors are easily resolved with advanced registry and PC repair applications.

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