Beware: Hackers Plan to Leverage Rio 2016 Olympics through High-Tech Attacks on Tourists
Sunday 21st October 2018,

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Beware: Hackers Plan to Leverage Rio 2016 Olympics through High-Tech Attacks on Tourists

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rio-2016-olympics-cyber-threats-bewareThe 2016 Olympics are on the verge of starting up in Rio and hackers are ramping up their efforts in an attempt to not only disrupt the events, but they plan to launch cyber-attacks related to the games.

The Olympics have been a spectacle that brings the world together. Unfortunately, hackers plan on being as divisive as they can by leveraging popularized events around the world. With the Olympics making a start next week, hackers are spending a great deal of time and effort to come up with scams that garner the attention of the masses. Among those many scams, hackers plan on spreading spam messages, deceptive links, and fake websites rigged with Olympics subject matter.

In past major sporting events around the world, hackers have created fake ticketing sites that entice people based on the premise of offering discounts and other alluring items. This year’s Olympics won’t be any different as phishing sites and spam emails are flooded with 2016 Olympics subject matter only to trick computer users.

We expect there to be video offers of 2016 Olympic coverage that is promised to computer users that ultimately has a malicious agenda of either infecting computers with malware or selling services and products with malevolent intentions. What’s even more dangerous is the idea that ransomware will be spread through bogus links that promise video of the 2016 Olympics or deceptive malware that steals data on victimized computers.

When it comes to the 2016 Olympics being held in Rio, there remains to be a looming target for Brazilian hackers to attack. Such hackers will target those who make the journey to Rio de Janeiro and later access their banking accounts. In Brazil, some of the laws are very different from other highly populated parts of the world, and hackers have no regard for the laws in the books. Furthermore, tourists might as well have a target on their backs and local hackers in Rio have set up new shops to attack in all ways they know how.


Remember, there will be a significant influx of money that naturally stimulates the local economy in Rio during the 2016 Olympics. ATM machines, banking institutions, and retail outlets will be flooded with new customers while hackers flood point-of-sale machines, ATMS and banking access points with malware that may intercept data.

Another looming danger in Rio during the 2016 Olympics will be public Wi-Fi hotspots, which are commonly known to be insecure. With heavy usage of such networks during the Olympics, there will sure to be hackers on the other end that will eavesdrop on potential victims stealing passwords.

Lastly, some attackers look to steal smartphones or clone services. Never leave your devices unattended or accessing a public Wi-Fi that isn’t secure.

Those who travel to Rio for the 2016 Olympics are urged to utilize extreme caution. There are multiple threats from many angles in Rio at such a time, and you must be proactive about protecting your best interest at hand. It wouldn’t hurt to know the contacts of local authorities or at the minimum have an action plan in place so you can contact your service providers in the event of a cyber-attack on your personal effects.

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