Credit Card fraud – Are you the Victim or the Villain?
Friday 22nd June 2018,


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Credit Card fraud – Are you the Victim or the Villain?

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In these tough economic times and uncertainty of job security, many families are struggling to make ends meet – living paycheck-to-paycheck.

When money is low and there is a family need or sense of urgency, many of us rely on those plastic cards we refer to as CREDIT. We understand the repercussions resulting in interest rates, but desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures.

Before the crash of Wall Street and the real estate industry, almost anyone could apply and receive a credit card.

The solicitation consumers received from credit card companies was to say the least – overwhelming.

With the evolving of social networks, scammers have found yet another past time pleasure.

Many emails display credit card icons and we, as the user, assume those icons are options in which we can use to purchase or pay for items on the web.

Often, these credit cards are displayed as a tangible item available for purchase.

Just like EDMs (electronic direct mails) are available for legitimate companies, they are also available for scammers to use when retrieving personal information.

The scammer will send the user an “initiation” email asking them to join their (scammer) illegal ring.  The scammer will state that they have social security numbers, credit card and dates of birth (etc…etc.…) available for purchase (by the user).  The email is not a scam.  The email will mimic a legitimate company inviting you “as the crook” to join their criminal ring.

Once you click on the link and join the ring, the user (now a criminal) will buy social security numbers, dates of birth or other personal information on an individual. The criminal ring makes a profit off of these people’s information, and now the user/criminal can use this information for their own gain – either by using the information to commit fraud or by selling it to someone else.

Because the criminal organization sends the information via bulk emails that will likely use multiple static IP (on line identification number) addresses or dummy accounts, they cannot easily be traced.

The new user/criminal, however, may not be so lucky.

Although enticing, please beware of these credit card scammers – you may not be the victim – but the perpetrator.

Let’s not make a debut on “Cops”. Bad Boys!!! Bad Boys!!!! What ya’ gonna do….

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