Company Says Malware Detection Capable of identifying Early Attacks
Friday 20th April 2018,

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Company Says Malware Detection Capable of identifying Early Attacks

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New Security Malware Company Introduces NetAnalyzer

An alarming 100,000 malware strains are produced on a daily basis causing governmental agencies and other businesses alike to challenge malware companies to introduce a more sophisticated detection service.  These companies, including Fortune 500, are being cyber-attacked by criminals at an alarming rate in that most technological systems are unable to stay on target.

Tom Ridge, former Homeland Security Secretary is now supporting TaaSERA. TaaSERA is an IT security company that has begun marketing/ introducing innovative malware behavior detection into the financial sector of the technology world.  This malware detection has been patented and is designed to identify malware attacks before they take place and will prevent a breach or a computer compromise; the malware detection will also provide “real-runtime” and will conduct a complete network analysis.

CEO and Chairman of TaaSERA (trust as a service), Scott Hartz, stated, “Today’s attackers employ multiple attack vectors to penetrate high-value targets with malware to gain a long-term foothold to steal confidential information and intellectual property over months or years. Enterprises need solutions to continuously monitor such behaviors – not code ‘signatures’ – in order to stop advanced and highly targeted attacks….. We’re very excited to bring TAAS NetAnalyzer to market because behavior-based detection and analysis will finally allow enterprises to adopt a proactive and risk-based mindset to cyber security.”

The TAAS NetAnalyzer was available for assessment January 31, 2013.

TaaSERA, Inc. has based their run-time analysis on right (8) of the following activity life cycles:

  • Peer Perfection
  • Egg Download
  • Infection Preparation
  • System Scanning
  • Attack Preparation
  • Malicious Outbound Scan
  • Data Breach
  • Command & Control Communications

With the TAAS NetAnalyzer, it will monitor the integrity of the information technology systems which will be compared to the behavior of the life-cycle.  This will enable the User to identify the malicious malware attacks with minimal false positives and not requiring the sandbox signature.

If you would like to apply for a free evaluation license, you can call 1-877-822-7372 or visit

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