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Saturday 19th April 2014,

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Chinese Espionage Report: Hacker Ring Responsible for Attacking Large U.S. Websites Tracked Down

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A lengthy report [PDF] has been published by the researchers at Mandiant (a cyber-security company) which seems to have traced an infamous hacking ring to the front door of a company owned by the People’s Liberation army of China.

Included in the Mandiant report are statements advising that they ‘think’ traces several attacks to the outskirts of Shanghai to an area known as Pudong New Area. It has been reported that this is the same location as China’s 130,663 sq. ft. PLA Unit AKA Unit 613989.

Unit 613989 has been identified as being computer security trained individuals that are fluent in the English language.

A detailed story was published by The New York Times that has caused world media attention.

Recently hacked was the New York Times. After the discovery of the attack, the NYT blamed China siting that they were the cause of the cyber-attack.

How can we prove or what evidence do we have, to know for a fact and without a doubt that another country had a hand in cyber-hacking US properties?

Although we may never be 100% positive, as a nation, we must remain on alert as several countries are successfully hacking into other countries databases retrieving information to their advantage for political gain, security information, financial data, and military secrets.

Recently, a hefty report was compiled by Mandiant detailing and outlining the information of China’s espionage.  China has denied all espionage claims.

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